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Daimler Finland



Daimler Finland Ltd offers wired and wireless networking hardware and software, telecommunications equipment, and IT professsional services. The company brings cutting-edge networking technologies to service providers, regional broadband operators, utility companies, system integrators, IT resellers, enterprises and the public sector. We focus on Enterprise Wi-Fi,
Fiber Optic networks and Last Mile solutions, representing global or highly specialized manufacturers from the networking industry. Daimler also provides customized technology solutions to the Hospitality sector. Our offices are located in Helsinki. 



Contact information
Daimler Finland Oy Ab
Kutomotie 18 B
FI-00380 Helsinki
Tel. +358 (0)9 560 110

Customer service
Mon - Fri 08.30 - 16.30
Technical Support
Daimler Finland’s managing director is Mr. Niclas Berg.

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