Accuracy and Control Redefined

PacketLogic PL1420

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                                                                                         Key Features0
Product Overview
                        PL1420 is deployed out-of-band and
PL1420 is the high-end PacketLogic™
                        connects either directly or remotely to
Statistics server (PLS) in the PacketLogic
                                                                                         • High Performance, Scalable
                        the PLR. Only relevant statistics data is
Intelligence Center product family. Based on
                                                                                           Statistics Collection for
                        forwarded to the PL1420. The reporting
an industry standard, highly reliable server
                                                                                           PacketLogic Intelligence
                        data is accessible through the PacketLogic
and storage hardware architecture, PL1420
                        Intelligence Center client. The graphical user
comes with high availability and carrier-
                        interface (GUI) client software is available
grade reliability. PL1420 consists of two
                                                                                         • Control Node (CN) managing
                        for Windows, Linux and Mac. The reporting
components – the PL1420 Control Node
                                                                                           up to four Storage Nodes (SN)
                        data, or a specific subset of reporting
(CN) and the PL1420 Storage Node (SN).
                        data, can also be exported through the
Multiple SNs can be connected to each
                                                                                         • Aggregation of data from
                        PacketLogic API for post-processing in other
CN which enables scalability at par with
                                                                                           multiple PacketLogic (PLR)
                        back office systems like billing systems or
the Tier-1 PL10000 PacketLogic Real-Time
                        for long-term data aggregation. Automatic
systems (PLR). PL1420 supports the entire
                        backup and restore functionality is included
PLRs product family, with the ability to
                                                                                         • Out-of-band deployment on
                        in the PacketLogic solution. The PacketLogic
support multiple PLR systems from a single                                                                      the management network
                        Intelligence Center provides greater
                        flexibility than similar products by allowing                                           • Direct or remote connection
                        the operator to configure the policies that
The Control Node runs the operating                                                                         to PLR
                        they want to collect statistics for, enabling
system (OS) and the PacketLogic Intelligence
                        more relevant reporting and targeted data
Center statistics collection software. These                                                                   • Central aggregation of
                        reduction capabilities.
are distributed over six SAS hard drives                                                                       reporting information
(HDD) in a RAID 6 configuration to maintain
                        PL1420 is also used for the centralized
performance even in the case of a HDD
                        aggregation of network-wide reporting
failure. The CN is a rack-mounted system
                        data, which provides a fast response
with a 2RU form factor. The CN writes the
                        to report queries about an entire PLR
data to the storage cluster consisting of one
                        network deployment. When drilling down
to four PL1420 Storage Nodes per CN. Each
                        in the reporting details, the distributed
SN holds twelve (12) HDDs at 500 GB in a
                        PLS systems are queried, enabling
2RU, rack-mounted storage array. The HDDs
                        efficiency in data collection and reducing
in the SN are set up in a RAID 6, which
                        network backhaul for reporting data.
enables large volumes of data to quickly
                        This architecture enables PacketLogic
be written to disk, and more importantly,
                        Intelligence Center to function in a scalable
allows for data redundancy in case of an
                        network, even when scaling to millions
HDD failure.
                        of subscribers.
Accuracy and Control Redefined

PL1420 Hardware                  Deployment
                                                   Dual PL1420s can be installed to provide
The PL1420 Control Node is a two rack unit     The PL1420 Control Node connects either
                                                   additional redundancy beyond the RAID
(2RU), 19” rack-mounted appliance with       directly to the AUX interface of the PLR or
                                                   6-based data redundancy in the PL1420.
server rack depth and redundant power       remotely to the IP address of the CN. The
                                                   This is done either by using dual SM cards
supplies. Six HDD slots are populated with     most common scenario is for a PL1420 to be
                                                   in the PL10000 chassis sending data to
3.5” SAS drives in a RAID6 which secures      connected directly to one PL10000, or two
                                                   two separate PL1420s, or dual PL1420s
redundancy on operating system (OS)        PL10000 in a redundant setup. Statistics from
                                                   being installed in a server cluster that
and the PacketLogic Intelligence Center      multiple PL10000 can be aggregated to one
                                                   replicates the data to both PL1420s.
software.                     PL1420, but the dimensioning depends on
                          traffic volume and what volume of data is
                                                   A summary of reporting data can be
The PL1420 Storage Node is a 2RU storage      being stored. Aggregation of multiple PLRs
                                                   forwarded to a centralized PL1420. This
array. The twelve (12) slots are populated     to a single PL1420 is also applicable to other
                                                   enables the same instant response on
with 500 GB, 3.5” SAS drives. The SN HDDs     PLR installations.
                                                   whole network queries in PacketLogic
are set up in a RAID 6 array, providing data
                                                   deployments with millions of subscribers
redundancy in case of a HDD failure. The
                                                   and multiple PL1420s.
CN manage up to a maximum of four (4)
SN per CN.
                                                   Please consult your Procera
                                                   representative for a PL1420 installation
                                                   recommendation. Configuration and
                                                   deployment depends on network
                      PacketLogic Deployment with PL1420
                                                   topology, type of traffic, and what
                                                   reporting data is being stored.

                  10GE       Internet        10GE

                      1GE            1GE

                      PL1420     PL1420



                         or Access Network


Accuracy and Control Redefined

PL1420 Components        • CN – PL1420 Control Node
                 • SN – PL1420 Storage Node (12 HDD storage array)

                                                        PL1420 SN (Storage Node)
Hardware            PL1420 CN (Control Node)
Hardware                                                    2 rack units (RU), 19” rack-mounted
                 2 rack unit (RU), 19” rack-mounted
Physical dimensions                                              8.7 cm (3.14 in) (h) x 44.6 cm (17.57 in) (w) x
                 8.64cm (3.40 in) (h) x 44.31cm (17.44 in) (w) x 68.07cm
                                                        48.15 cm (20 in) (d)
                 (26.80 in) (d)
Power                                                     Wattage: 488 W maximum continuous; 550 W peak;
                 Wattage: 870W maximum continuous; Heat dissipation
                                                        Heat dissipation: 200 W;
                 518W; Voltage 100-240V rated
                                                        Voltage: 100-240 V rated (actual 90-264 V);
                                                        Frequency: 47-63 Hz; Amperage:
                                                        35.37 kg (78 lb) (maximum configuration)
                 26.1kg (57.54lb) (maximum configuration)
                                                        Temperature: Operating: 10° to 35°C (50° to 95°F)
                 Temperature: Operating:10° to 35°C (50° to 95°F)
                                                        Storage: -40° to 65°C (-40° to 149°F); Relative
                 Storage: -40° to 65°C (-40° to 149°F) 1°F/550 ft.;
                                                        humidity Operating: 20% to 80% (non-condensing);
                 Relative Humidity: 20% to 80% (noncondensing)
                                                        Storage: 5% to 95% (non-condensing); BTU per
                 Storage: 5% to 95% (noncondensing) BTU/hr: 1944.9
                                                        hour: 1430
                 4 x 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet Networking ports

Capacity and Performance
Disk space           6 x 500 GB SAS drives                             12 x 500 GB SAS drives for data storage
Memory             72G                                      N/A
Subscribers per system     5 million                                   N/A

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